Monday, January 12, 2009

2008:The year gone by...

One of my resolutions for the new year was to setup my own blog and to update it regularly.So, here it starts..

As, I begin my journey in to 2009,I would like to look on somethings that 2008 taught everyone or at least tried to.

There was economic meltdowns, elections, terrorists strikes,corruption and many things similar.Some good and some really bad ones.So,perhaps 2008 hasn't taught us much.!!!

The rich get bailouts out of need, the poor are pandered to do with subsidies.The logic was, if the rich fail, we all suffer; if the poor fail, well..firstly they are poor.So, what else do you expect??.
Terrorism is now a reality show, we must all learn to live with.We can no longer go shopping, take a train, have dinner without fearing a possible strike at the back of one's mind. Unfortunately, 2009 is also expected to fail on that front!!!.

Nobody remembers anything.So, lets not bother about history.Remember, cash-for-votes??.Once something is off the limelight it disappears.Yesterday lives on another planet.
We are more interested in film stars, celebrities, cricketers, news and tragedies.Our cricketers should perform every time...'coz we are customers.

Finally, 2008 has made us fell there are ups and downs in life. This is our biggest learning from this year.Since, we choose to forget, we will forget this too.

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