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On July 25,2008 Professor Randy Pausch, professor of computer science at the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) breathed his last at the age of 47.

He was the author of five books and over 70 articles and the director of Alice project.

What is special about "The Last Lecture"?.
"The Last Lecture" was delivered on September 18,2007, the talk was so appealing that the lecture went off to become one of the most downloaded items in the video sharing site YOU TUBE.
The link for this video is given below....

The success of the video led to the book "The Last Lecture" written by Professor Randy along with Jeff Zaslow; this book went on become the "No.1 Best Seller" in 30 languages globally.

"The Last Lecture" is a talk globally acclaimed for its inspiration; it is a thought-provoking , yet fun-filled lecture, with lots of wit, several insights and tons of advice.
I am grateful to my cousin who introduced to his works. I am deeply Influenced and admire Professor Pausch.

What is special about the talk is the backdrop of "sure death" predicted just months away. What is amazing is the fact that the learned professor could demonstrate an uncanny positive attitude amidst such adversity.
The lecture was supposed to be for his young children who would grow one day to appreciate the "words of wisdom" of the father; it was aptly titled "Realizing Your Childhood Dreams".

Some of his note-worthy insights in to life are :
"you want the secret of my success?...come on, I will tell you; do come at 10pm on any Friday to my lab!".

"Experience is what you get when you did not get what you wanted".

He never missed his wit,..during his lecture he showed off the old encyclopedia and said "for freshers, it is paper; we used to have something called books".

Time magazine declared him as one of the "100 most influential people".

His statement at the end of the lecture: "I am not in denial mode; I am giving my "last lecture" before death; yet, I do not know how not to fun; I am going to keep having fun on everyday I have left".

Until his death, he was quoting his wry jokes, he died with his trademark intellect and quick wit intact.

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