Tuesday, January 13, 2009


First things first,yes!..this movie is not released in India.So, the question is how did I manage to watch this superb film??.

My impatience got the better of me. So, I watched Slum dog millionaire on a pirated CD and am impressed. As someone who has never seen Mumbai from close quarters, this film has given me a whole new opinion about the city.This movie shows the despair of Dharavi which is gritty and scary.

It cut terrifying close to the reality as it took me straight in to the innards of this brutal world.Where kids lose their innocence at the hands of gangsters who kidnap and kill at will. And the first thought that came to my mind was that it took an 'outsider'(dir:Boyle) to go fearlessly in to the 'forbidden land' and hold a mirror to our society. I wonder why some of our desi directors have failed in spelling out the ugly truth about Mumbai's underbelly as transparently??. Boyle's film deserves to win an Oscar for this.

Mira Nair had skimmed the surface and had given us 'Salaam Bombay'. But, no one has been able to hand us such pathos and at the same time keep us paralysed during the whole movie.

The casting of this movie is extraordinary.The script is awesome, as each scene is handled with utmost care.Dev patel's patel performance as Jamal, the slumdog who wins on the show, must be given great praise.Finally, the music of A.R.Rahaman mesmerises all...so, he deserved to win the Gloden Globe ....Oscar's next!!.

Boyle has shown us the rather hideous face of the metropolis that still remains the magnet for the rest of India.
The movie deserved to win the 4 golden globe that it recieved.The movie is a winner all the way. My advice for everyone would be, watch this film its abrilliant way to start the new year!!.

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